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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trending for Spring

Spring is right around the corner..well maybe it's around a corner and a half but this is the time when we really start to anticipate it when the snow turns from romantic and magical for Christmas to annoying and cold. (Although I still love it being such a new transplant from California to Colorado!)
Trending this spring in fashion, however, are stripes! I am a big fan of stripes, even if the wrong kind can "make you look larger than you are", I still tend to gravitate towards them. The whole natutical look is hanging in strong and I love the colors related to the whole look.
Chances are you already have stripes in your wardrobe and they are not hard to come by in the slightest and for reasonably priced. Here are a few looks I have come across from my favorite cute online shops.

So go raid your closets and pull out your stripes and if they don't fit anymore or aren't the look you would like think about refashioning them somehow! Add a belt, cut a boat neck, make a headband, scarf, or striped cloth flowers.

Anyone else a fan of stripes?

These can be found at

6 Thank you for your thoughts:

CarliAlice said...

I really like the tank dress. I'm not sure if I'll really be wearing stripes though.

Allegro Mama said...

Thanks for following! I'm following back now!

Chas said...

I love stripes too! I tend to go for black/white & navy/white. I'm not sure they will ever really go out of style for me.

Short Leg Lucy said...

I LOVE STRIPESSS!!!! LOVE THEM!!! Thank God that they're in because I wear them a LOT :)

Amy at TheSceneFromMe said...

I do love strips, they give off the whole sailor vibe!
And GoJane has some of the best and cheapest shoes around!

Ashley Tremaine said...

Love love the stripes!! The yellow is gorgeous!!

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