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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Question Contest to win a CUSTOM headband!

Hey all...
I have been wanting to do a question and answer session so I have one for my blog but I also wanted to jazz it up a little and make it a bit more exciting! So I am making it a contest for BEST QUESTION!
The one chosen will win a custom headband like this...
 you can tell me which deign you would prefer and I will make it for you:)
Watch my VLOG bellow for all the details....
(I am also wearing this one so you can see it

So what are your questions??? 
{this contest will be open until next Monday night at 8:00 PM 3.14.11 for submissions}

6 Thank you for your thoughts:

Jennifer said...

Ok! I'm gonna play!
What's been your most embarassing moment?
I would like to know what "Eisy Morgan" means too!

Natalia Lynn said...

You are super cute! I want to know where you come up with all these hair ideas and how/why are you so good at them. I tried the sock bun thing and seriously, not happening for me!

Katie said...

Okay my lovely friend, Ashley! Since you are so spunky, adorable and lovable to watch on Vlogs AND you'll be answering them via Vlog.. here is my question.

Can you do a handstand? If so, prove it! :)

Hehe, love you girl!

Elizabeth said...

I'm absolutely a HUGE fan of your blog! You've given me so much inspiration for my drab hair! Thank you!!!! :) question is how do you keep things in your life balanced? I know you have a little man who's about the same age as mine and I try to keep my life balanced, but I always seem to end up slacking somewhere (like working out!). So what are some of your secrets?! :)

Lyssa said...

Ok I'l play too.
What's your favorite thing to make? It doesn't have to be a headband either!

Amanda O'Banion said...

Hmmmm, man this is hard.
Okay, here we go: what is a normal day in your life like? What do you enjoying doing and how much time do you spend blogging?

Have a great day!

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