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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vlogging Vednesdays!!

Vloggin' Vednesdays

You guys should all join in, 
thanks Casey for introducing me to this!!!

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Kristi said...

Ok...this is soooo cute!! I'm a new follower but I love your blog. How fun it was to actually see you and hear you talk! :) I can't even post pictures yet (wrote about THAT earlier today!) so there is no way I can vlog yet. Maybe someday.
I'm older than you are and I saw a bit of my younger self in you. We moved away from our extended family when our kids were 5, 3 and 4 Switzerland to be exact!! I remember well the adjustment, the lonliness at times and the depression that can creep in.
We didn't have the internet back then but sure wish we would have. Good for you that you are connecting on line here....good for your soul and your smiles! :)
Nice to "meet" you Ashley! Great vlog!
Be blessed~

Casey Martinez said...

Yeah! So glad you joined in this week too...but, I have to be honest, the video is not showing up as something I can click on?? I'm not sure if it my computer or not? I wanna see it so I will come back!

Sydney said...


Okay first, you are so pretty! I love your hair. :)

Second you are so personable! I'm probably the most shy person ever. I bet I would just sit there going "uh..." and pushing my hair behind my ear if I did this vlog! Especially on the last question. You did fabulous!

So LOVE your vlogs! Maybe I'll join in next week... :)

everyone calls me bon bon said...

I love Vlogs:-) I've only made one so far, eeek! You are too adorable. xoxo

Casey said...

great job! :) I really enjoyed it! :)

Abby K said...

Hi Ashley! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!! Wow, your blog looks really cool! :) I think I'm going to check out the GIMP tutorial next; I have it, but really have no idea how to use it...

Chas said...

Hi Ashley! Great Vlog! It has been fun dropping in to see the different ones from time to time!

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