30 Days of Hair Day 18: 3 Tiered Bun

Welcome Back to 
Day 18 
of the

Today is a photo tutorial of the
3 Tiered Bun

1) arrange your hair into three pony tails underneath one another leaving hair in the front and on the sides
2) roll the top portion of hair forward towards the top of your head and pin over elastic
3) repeat for second pony
4) for the bottom portion, remove elastic and roll upwards with your finger securing with bobby pins below the second pony.
5) Secure the remaining hair on the side into the roll on the bottom


3 Thank you for your thoughts:

  1. See...I just wouldn't have thought to do that!! You are inspiring me to quit having just flat ironed hair with a pouf! Thanks!

  2. I've long hair and just find this way and style so free and elegant. I've problem of comment posting with google a/c but only "Anonymous" does. Sorry.
    Terrie from Hong Kong

  3. what gorgeous thick hair you have...and this updo? fun and pretty...thanks for linking up to fridays unfolded!



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