Marathon Training VLOG {20 Miles}

Hey all,
Sorry for being MIA. I have been really buckling down with marathon training and am SOOOO tired! But I finished my 20 miles on Saturday, BARELY....but I did! I am also excited to be entering tapering now...less than 3 weeks till the big day.
Here is my before and after the run faces...ha ha
Here is my latest vlog if you don't mind hearing me drone on a bit about my 20 mile adventure:)

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  1. congrats on choosing to run a marathon, that is a great goal and i can't wait to see a post of how the marathon did. which one are you running?

  2. Yay, Ashley!!! You go girl! You finished 20 miles, even if you had to walk some...I was always awful at just the mile run back in school!

    Side note, your bit about buckling down reminded me of a cheer we used to do in hight school...

    "You can do it, you can do it, if you put your mind to it, buckle down, buckle down, Ashley you can do it!"

    ...there you have it! LOL! Speaking of, you CAN do it, half or full! :)

  3. and i feel like an idiot because i see your little marathon ticker on the side, the OC cool!! good luck

  4. You're amazing Ash! So amazing! Your discipline and determination really inspire me. I'm cheering for you!!! Love ya!


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